Hockey and Golf?

We're MySty, and we love Hockey and Golf!

The fundamental relationship between hockey players and the sport of golf is a unique and powerful bond that goes beyond the love for two distinct sports. Our goal is to build a community of people who live2play on the course, at the rink, on the beach, or anywhere life may take you. Our customer-first approach to product development ensures that our products fit your needs seamlessly: sick of your hat falling off your head mid-swing? Or losing your beanie while playing pick-up on the pond? We're here for you. 

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  • MySty

    MySty is an abbreviation for My Style. We aim to offer a variety of products that allow people to come together and say, "That's My Style." So when you step out into the world, you are part of something bigger than a hat or a T-shirt, but a community of people who share a similar passion for the things you love!

  • Live2Play

    Live2Play represents the values that we live by in all walks of life. We believe in living to do the things you love weather it be hockey, golf, soccer, school, traveling, building ect.

  • What's Next?

    Over the course of our jurney we aim to continue to innovate in our space by creating never before seen products. As well as build a community of people all over the world who Live2Play.

Liam Farrell


Liam Farrell grew up in La Crescent, Minnesota, playing hockey in the winter and golf in the spring/summer. In early 2022, he combined his two passions into a lifestyle brand, representing his love for the game and entrepreneurship!

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Bill Farrell


Bill Farrell is a serial entrepreneur, artist, and inovator with experience in various industries across the board. He also happens to be an avid golfer and a hockey fan!

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MySty was founded and is currently based in La Crescent, Minnesota. We pride ourselves on representing our local community and the state of MN as a whole as we move towards creating a community of people who live2play the sports they love.